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Ministry at St. Paul's


Pastoral Care & Outreach

 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will consistently connect with, care for, and welcome our parish family, visitors, newcomers, the community and the world. We will endeavor to live out our Baptismal promises as we: seek to serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves and we will strive for justice and peace among all peoples, respecting the dignity of every human being.

     Pastoral Care Ministries

                        Lay Eucharistic Visitors                   Pot-Luck Dinners

                        Prayer Shawl Ministry                       Receptions

                        Prayer Chain                                       Thanksgiving Dinner

                        Pastoral Visitors                                 ECW  

                        Fellowship Committee                      Coffee Hour   

                        Men’s Fellowship                               Parish Camp

                        Women’s Book Club                         Parish Picnic


     Outreach Ministries

                        I-Help                                                     Food Pantry

                        Senior Produce Market                     Homeless Lunch Ministry

                        Sierra Service Project for Youth      Men's Home Repair Ministry

                        Senior Luncheons

                        Clothing and Toiletries for Homeless Men & Women

                        School Supplies for children with need

                        Caroling and Gifts for Nursing Home residents

                        Fundraisers for Special Projects


Education and Spiritual Formation

At St. Paul’s we foster and nurture life long learning and spiritual formation through our  Educational programs which promote open hearts and minds, biblical and historical study, theological reflection, opportunities for personal spiritual growth, and an awareness and knowledge of current social and moral issues.

             Education & Spiritual Formation Ministries

                         Sunday School


                                    Godly Play

                                    Seasons of the Spirit

                          Adult Education Forums                 Wednesday Bible Study  

                          Stewardship Education                   Christmas Pageant

                          VacationBibleSchool                        St. Paul’s Youth Fellowship

                          Confirmation Classes for Youth and Adults

                          Spiritual Retreats                                Women's Book Club

Ministry of Worship and Music

The purpose of this ministry is to offer ourselves to God in all of our diversity, through praise, thanksgiving, music, and prayers; and to create a sacred space and time to find healing, strength, joy and inspiration so that we are better able to meet life’s challenges and strive to be God’s people in the world.

             Worship and Music Ministries            

                         Worship Planning Committee           Chancel Choir

                        Youth Choir                                            Acolytes

                         Altar Guild                                              Flower Guild

                         Lay Readers                                          Lay Chalice Bearers

                        Ushers / Greeters                                  Bell Choir

Ministry of Administration

The purpose of this ministry is to provide and oversee a framework and environment that permits our parish family to strive toward the fulfillment of our Mission.


                        The Vestry                                              Parish Staff

                        Finance Committee                              Treasurer

                        Counters                                                 Recorders

                        Office Volunteers                                  Property and Grounds        

                        Work Days                                              Fundraising

                        AnnualPledge Drive                             Tri-Tip BBQ

                        Rummage Sale                                     Annual Craft Fair

                       Wine Tasting Event                              Scrip Program


                       The Apostle Newsletter                       Parish Web Site

                        Advertising                                            Sunday Bulletin