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 The Six Days of Creation stained glass windows were dedicated on February 15, 1998. They were designed and produced by The Willet Stained Glass Studios in Philadelphia, who have produced some of the finest stained glass windows in the United States, including the Willet Windows in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. Designer Jane Collins, who holds a degree in art education from Kutztown University and a Master's in Scripture Studies from St. Charles Seminary writes of her work on these windows, "This was not only a an honor but an exciting and challenging learning opportunity ... your collective vision of the windows gave me the opportunity to explore the vastly rich creation in new ways." St. Paul's rector, The Rev. Thomas B. Woodward, along with E. Crosby Willet, president of The Willet Studios, provided general oversight of the project from the beginning. The windows were installed by Stan Hansen & Associates Stained Glass Studio in Murrieta, CA. The general contractor was Mickey Gawlowski of Adrian Construction Company, Pacific Grove, CA. Robert Forrest, of Salinas, CA, painted the frames around the windows. The following members of St. Paul's worked with The Willet Studios in the conception and design of the windows: Nancy Bowker, Pat Chapman, Marilyn Dorman, Ed Little, Joanne Mattison, Jackie Stevenson, Larry Vera, and Ann Woodward. The windows are made of thick, facetted glass, a medium which takes full advantage of the natural beauty of the glass as well as providing varying values of light and color through the facetting of its surface. They were designed to draw people deeper and deeper into the mystery and majesty of the creation through both the textures of the color and the design itself. The text following the Biblical verses describing each day of creation includes reflections on the windows from designer Jane Collins and The Rev. Thomas B. Woodward.