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cornell_mosaic_1.JPGThe Frank Cornell Memorial Mosaic

The gold laminated glass mosaic, designed by Kenneth Toney and executed by GLASSART Studio of Scottsdale, Arizona, contains glass dalles (slab glass) manufactured n France, sheet cathedral glass manufactured in Indiana, sheet antique glass hand-blown in France and England, and glass rods produced in New York.  Certain of the glass pieces have been glazed with liquid gold --- some on the outward side, some on the backside of the glass against the mosaic base.  The three fish are of cathedral glass with a platinum glaze. 

The glass dalles are each hand-faceted.  This provides a multiplicity of planes to catch and reflect light. 

This mosaic technique has been researched and developed by GLASSART Studio over the past five years.

The entire subject matter in the mosaic centers on the Cross.  The bold yellows and oranges are used to provide an initial impact and are symbolic of the abrupt and startling manner by which St. Paul received the word of God.  The soft hues in the rolling hills on the left are representative of the natural colors of the Salinas area, as are the range of blues and greens on each side.  The areas of gold portray the timeless and eternal glory of God.  The extension of elements beyond the limits of earth (represented by the slightly curved areas of slab glass to the lower left and lower right of the Cross) are included to indicate the dominance of God over the entire universe.

The fish is an ancient Christian symbol for Christ.  As the Greek word for fish, icthus, is an anagram for the Greek phrase for Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior.  In addition, the fish are a reminder of the natural abundance of our valley and are symbolic, also, of the attraction of men to Christianity and the efforts of Christians to follow the way of Christ and the Cross.